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    Hello, welcome to Kunshan siyuanlong hardware Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd!

    Siyuanlong Product Center

    Kunshan siyuanlong hardware Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

    Official account: four yuan long wisdom manufacturing



    Tel:13773187198 (Mr Hu)

    Online consultation

    20 yearFocus on a small amount, diversity, no change, quick change! (custom equipment)

    Siyuanlong - accept non-standard customization

    hot-sale product

    Siyuanlong Everything is just "small amount, diversity, fast change and high precision"

    Let you improve efficiency / reduce costs


    Warning & self protection

    Based on: Human - anti misoperation and extension; Equipment - prevention of misoperation and replacement; Tool life monitoring and stroke monitoring; Product process detection and defect isolation; Parameter --- four layer password protection against change


    Analysis & quantifiable

    From: module technology, knowhow library, simulation analysis, security margin


    High precision & high strength

    From: equipment strength, module technology, machining accuracy, high-quality standard parts, technician fine adjustment

    Ease of operation
    Ease of operation

    Simple & easy to operate

    Based on: man-machine interactive interface, fault warning and alarm, fault location display, convenient patrol, convenient feeding (receiving)


    Convenient & easy to maintain

    Based on: reasonable layout, large operation space, error proof disassembly, convenient cleaning

    Fast changeability
    Fast changeability

    High precision & easy quick change

    Based on: high precision --- repetition accuracy 0.025mm; Quick change -- 10 minutes to finish (fool design)

    Siyuanlong Equipment Exhibition

    Thank you for your long-term support

    Equipment: servo press, flexible feeding, rotary table machine, linear machine, return line, UDI label

    Advantages: small amount / variety / quick change / customized non-standard automation equipment

    enterSiyuanlong electromechanical

    about FOCUS

    Kunshan siyuanlong hardware Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

    Siyuanlong is a company focusing on the integration and development of various standard units, modules, CCD images and precision quick-change fixtures, etc., which are used in turntable assembly machines, linear assembly machines, reflow line assembly lines and UDI labels. Non-standard customized high-precision Automated equipment to meet the actual needs of potential customers.

    The fields involve aerospace, automotive, medical, etc. Focus, with core expertise in R&D and integration, will continue to cooperate with customers to innovate and grow together.


    Cooperative customers

    Siyuanlong machinery provides equipment for many companies

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    Wechat: Siyuan longzhizao

    Q Q:236259351

    Tel: 13773187198



    Address: No. 299, Weihan Road, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan City

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